Thursday, 13 June 2013

On the web high way

I've had great response to my Santorini paintings which I am very pleased. Its so nice enjoying your work especially when other people enjoy it too.
I was asked to write a blog about a year ago to go along side my artwork and now I am finally doing it I must say its a little easier than I thought it would be. Today I am drawing the outline for my next Santorini painting as well as writing this of course. I am starting off with A4 size paintings, if they go well I was thinking of doing an A2 sized one. It is easier to get more detail in larger paintings and people do prefer to hang larger paintings on their wall. Even though selling my art is my business I rarely take that into account when creating the art. Producing these paintings is both very hard and very easy. Art can be so contradictory. Its easy because the building are very symmetrical and drawing straight lines is easy but its hard because the composition of the picture is hard to get right. Especially because in Santorini there are a lot of stairs and windy paths and detail to go along side. getting everything right is painstakingly long. It does not help that I am a perfectionist and I will not rest until I am happy with what I have produced. After I am happy with my drawing, then comes the painting which can be so relaxing and an utter joy or a complete nightmare. one little mistake and my concentration and relaxation is out of the window. Once everything is done, my little signature goes in the corner and I am very happy. After all this its time for the critics.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Santorini paintings

Today saw the release of my new santorini inspired art collection. One month ago I was in santorini and saw the whole island as one giant canvas. As soon as I returned to England I knew what my next art project was going to be. I designed the first three paintings straight away and thought they would look best done with water colour paints and water colour gives the subtle tones of the water much clearer than acrylics.The first painting I created was that of my hotel Aqua Vatos (see below picture).
I showed these paintings to a few of the people i traveled with to see if i had captured the essence of santorini and they gave me great feedback. Everything was sent in motion. 
These first three painting are now for sale via my website.

There will be more paintings added to this collection all you have to do is wait and see...